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The “Alliance 2 XFL” Show – Episode 2 – featuring Benjamin Allbright, Howard Balzer and Phil Allen 02-13-19

NEW EPISODE of The “Alliance 2 XFL” Show featuring special guests: NFL analyst and radio personality Benjamin Allbright, who touched on Week 1 of the AAF along with some the latest rumblings in the XFL. Did he drop a nugget? He’s been on fire lately. Also Alliance writer Howard Balzer returns to give his thoughts on Week 1 and what to look forward to in Week 2. And finally from Phil Allen, who gives a 2-parter on all 4 games during week 1. Three unique perspectives who have their take on Week 1 with the Alliance. ONE BIG SHOW w/ the A-Train Arlington Lane!

The “Alliance 2 XFL” Show – Benjamin Allbright, Howard Balzer, Phil Allen 02-13-19

The Alliance 2 XFL Show – Debut Episode

Check out the debut episode of The “Alliance 2 XFL” Show with The A-Train Arlington Lane. The A-Train gives the latest news and updates. Plus joining him on the debut episode is special guest Howard Balzer, longtime NFL reporter and now covering the inaugural season of the Alliance. They touch a bit on the XFL along with how enticing was it to be part of this new Alliance. He gives an overview on what fans should look forward to seeing in this brand new campaign. Click the link below to check out the show.

The “Alliance 2 XFL” Show DEBUT EPISODE


AAF Inaugural Championship Odds!!

The first AAF Championship odds have been posted with the Arizona Hotshots leading the way at 5/2 odds followed closely by Salt Lake at 4/1. Complete team odds are listed below;

Arizona Hotshots – 5/2

Salt Lake Stallions – 4/1

Orlando Apollos – 5/1

Atlanta Legends – 5/1

San Antonio Commanders – 5/1

San Diego Fleet – 10/1

Birmingham Iron – 10/1

Memphis Express – 10/1


The New Games In Town

Let’s take you back to January.

Last year, Vince McMahon had a big week. His wrestling promotion (WWE) had a big weekend that cultivated with the ever popular “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view event. On that Thursday before the Rumble, he told the entire world that the XFL was making its triumphant return and that it would be ready in the year 2020.

“No gimmicks, less stall, more ball…” became the tagline for its 2020 rebirth.

Cool. More football for us. No problem.

Then back in March last year, Charlie Ebersol, TV and film producer and son of legendary TV executive Dick Ebersol, drops a major bomb on the country saying HIS league would begin in 2019.

WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! More football coming sooner than later? Sure! Why not?!

The name: The Alliance of American Football.

Then the jokes came in for the league. (via @NTheZoneShow)

The funny part: She was dead serious.

But, even if the name is not sitting well with people, the league is ready to kick into high gear and get going for its Feb. 9th debut on CBS. 8 teams with 52-man rosters. 10 games. 12 weeks. Playoffs. The championship.

The same can be said for the XFL in 2020. 8 cities (team names have not been announced of this post). 10 games. Playoffs. The championship. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The new games are in town, one is ready to go and one is on the way. There are other leagues that are making plans to drop in 2020 as well. Hopefully, you have read what you have seen here because the plan is to continue to provide more content to you the dedicated football fan. We’ll keep an eye on those as well as the time progresses.

WE BELIEVE IN THEM! You should too.

Don’t forget to check out the brand new “Alliance to XFL” show podcast coming this month.

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