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Garrett Gilbert, Apollos QB

Garrett Gilbert led the charge in this week’s standout stars with 310 yards! Wideouts Charles Johnson and Rashad Ross continued their season-long dominance at the WR position. Trent Richardson had 83 rushing yards and another rushing TD!


Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 23/40 – 310 yards, 2 TDs, and one 2 PT

Brandon Silvers, Memphis: 30/49 – 269 yards 1 TD and two 2 PT

John Wolford, Arizona: 17/23 – 216 yards 1 TD and one 2 PT


Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 18 carries/83 yards and 1 TD

Tim Cook, Arizona: 2 rushing TDs

D’Ernest Johnson, Orlando: 62 rushing and receiving yards (6 receptions), 1 TD and one 2 PT


Charles Johnson, Orlando: 8 receptions/135 yards, 1 TD

Gerrard Sheppard, Memphis: 9 receptions/98 yards and one 2 PT

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 4 receptions/78 yards, 1 TD

Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 8 receptions/79 yards

Justin Thomas, Atlanta: 4 receptions/74 yards

Donteea Dye, Jr., Orlando: 1 reception/65 yards, 1 TD

Daniel Williams, Memphis: 5 receptions/64 yards

Richard Mullaney, Arizona: 5 receptions/60 yards

Dontez Byrd, Memphis: 5 receptions/52 yards, 1 TD and one 2 PT


Salt Lake Defense: 3 points allowed, 2 INTs and one forced fumble

Birmingham Defense: 4 sacks, 2 INTs, and one forced fumble

Arizona Defense: 4 sacks and 1 INT, 2 sacks by Rykeem Yates

Jeff Luc, Atlanta: 8 tackles

Travis Feeney, San Diego: 7 tackles

Henre Toliver, Salt Lake: 7 tackles

Greer Martini, Salt Lake: 7 tackles

Ed Reynolds, Jr., Atlanta: 6 tackles

Charles James II, Memphis: 6 tackles

DeMarquis Gates, Memphis: 6 tackles, one sack and one forced fumble


Younghoe Koo, Atlanta: 3 FGs

Nick Novak, Birmingham: 3 FGs

Austin MacGinnis, Memphis: 3 FGs

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ALLIANCE 2 XFL: Week Four Standout Stars!!!

Week 4 saw the Apollos remain undefeated in the snow with a hard-fought victory over Salt Lake, lead by Garrett Gilbert and Charles Johnson. The Iron dropped from the ranks of the unbeaten losing at home to the Commanders who were led by Kenneth Farrow and a bruising defense. Atlanta won their first game as Aaron Murray came off the bench to relieve an injured Matt Simms and they had a punishing running attack that kept the Hotshots off balance. Memphis, led by Zach Mettenberger also won their first game in front of the home crowd taking down the Fleet.


Aaron Murray, Atlanta: 20/33 – 254 yards, 7 carries/54 yards

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 22/32 – 232 yards, 1 TD

Zach Mettenberger, Memphis: 18/25 – 174 yards, 1 TD, 1 rushing TD, and 1 rushing 2 PT

John Wolford, Arizona: 17/31 – 185 yards, 1 TD and one 2 PT


Kenneth Farrow II, San Antonio: 30 carries/142 yards

Jhurell Pressley, Arizona: 14 carries/110 yards

Branden Oliver, Salt Lake: 17 carries/71 yards

Brandon Ross, Birmingham: 9 carries/64 yards

Atlanta: 177 yards rushing led by Aaron Murray with 54 yards and Denard Robinson with 43 yards and 1 TD.


Charles Johnson, Orlando: 9 catches/105 yards (back to back 100-yard games)

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 4 catches/74 yards, 1 TD

Dontez Ford, San Diego: 6 catches/ 71 yards, 1 TD

Tarean Folston, Atlanta: 5 catches/66 yards

Reece Horn, Memphis: 4 catches/63 yards

Rannell Hall, Memphis: 4 catches/57 yards

Marcus Bough, San Diego: 4 catches/54 yards, 1 TD

Wes Saxton, Jr., Birmingham: 3 catches/54 yards


Drew Jackson, Memphis: 13 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 INT

Erick Dargan, Arizona: 11 tackles

Ed Reynolds, Jr., Atlanta: 8 tackles

Beniquez Brown, Birmingham: 7 tackles, 1 sack

Jeremy Faulk, Birmingham : 7 tackles

Nyles Morgan, Arizona: 7 tackles

Derron Smith, San Antonio: 6 tackles

Andrew Ankrah, Orlando: 4 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble

Frank Ginda, San Diego: 7 tackles

Micah Hannemann, Salt Lake: 7 tackles


Austin MacGinnis, Memphis: 4 FGs

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ALLIANCE 2 XFL: Week 2 Standout Stars!!

by J. Berardi – Feb. 18, 2019 3:01 PM EST

Week 2 is in the books! We saw a barn burner in San Antonio as the Apollos overcame an early deficit to defeat the Commanders. Birmingham rallied to defeat the Stallions who shot themselves in the foot by missing three field goals. The Fleet also rallied for their first victory behind a rugged ground attack to defeat the Legends. The Hotshots remained undefeated with a rousing 4th quarter comeback to overtake the home Express in Memphis.


Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 19/28 – 393 yards, 2 TDs and one 2 PT

John Wolford, Arizona: 14/22 – 194 yards, 2 TDs and one rushing 2 PT


Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego: 15 carries / 104 yards 2 TDs

Zac Stacy, Memphis: 19 carries / 101 yards 1 TD (first Alliance player to rush for 100 yards in a game)

Kenneth Farrow II, San Antonio: 13 carries / 74 yards 1 TD

Joel Bouagnon, Salt Lake: 11 carries / 70 yards 1 TD

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 91 rushing/receiving yards 1 TD

Akrum Wadley, Atlanta: 8 receptions / 70 yards

Arizona: 209 rushing yards led by Tim Cook with 73 yards


Charles Johnson, Orlando: 7 catches / 192 yards 1 TD

Jalin Marshall, Orlando: 3 catches / 84 yards 1 TD

Josh Huff, Arizona: 2 catches / 84 yards

De’Marcus Ayers, San Antonio: 5 catches / 80 yards

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 4 catches / 67 yards 1 TD


Karter Schult, Salt Lake: 6 tackles and 2 sacks

Beniquez Brown, Birmingham: 6 tackles and 1 sack

Shakir Soto, San Diego: 1.5 Sacks

Da’Sean Downey, Arizona: 2 Sacks

Steven Johnson, Arizona: 6 tackles

DeMarquis Gates, San Antonio: 6 tackles

Ed Reynolds, Atlanta: 6 tackles


Donny Hageman, San Diego: 4 FGs

Elliott Fry, Orlando: 3 FGs

Nick Rose, San Antonio: 3 FGs