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Jayrone Elliott, San Antonio Commanders LB (courtesy of 210 Football)

There are new leaders in sacks and tackles for the Alliance. Check out the AAF league leaders after Week 8:

Passing Yards:

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 2,152 yards

John Wolford, Arizona: 1,616 yards

Luis Perez, Birmingham: 1,460 yards

Passing TDs:

John Wolford, Arizona: 14

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 13

Rushing Yards:

Jhurell Pressley, Arizona: 471 yards

D’Ernest Johnson, Orlando: 372 yards

Kenneth Farrow II, San Antonio: 372 yards

Rushing TDs:

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 11

De’Veon Smith, Orlando: 6

Joel Bouagnon, Salt Lake: 6

Receiving Yards:

Charles Johnson, Orlando: 687 yards

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 583 yards

Receiving TDs:

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 7

Charles Johnson, Orlando: 5


Charles Johnson, Orlando: 45 receptions

Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 38 receptions

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 36 receptions

De’Mornay Pierson-El, Salt Lake: 36 receptions


De’Marquis Gates, Memphis: 52

Beniquez Brown, Birmingham: 46

Erick Dargan, Arizona: 44


Jayrone Elliott, San Antonio: 7.5

Karter Schult, Salt Lake: 7

Damontre Moore, San Diego: 7


De’Vante Bausby, San Antonio: 4

Kameron Kelly, San Diego: 4

Ryan Moeller, San Diego: 4


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Memphis’ QB Brandon Silvers leads this week’s Standout Stars after an emotional OT win against the Iron. Arizona QB John Wolford only missed 4 attempts and had 3 total TDs in the win against the Fleet. Orlando’s De’Veon Smith leads the standout RBs after a 3-TD performance against the Legends. Trent Richardson just scores touchdowns, after nabbing his 10th rushing TD for the season leading the league. The Fleet’s Nelson Spruce led the WRs with 12 receptions and 146 yards in the loss against the Hotshots. Salt Lake’s defense had 6 sacks in the 19-15 loss against the Commanders. 


Brandon Silvers, Memphis: 24/35 – 266 yards, 2 TDs and two 2 PTs

Luis Perez, Birmingham: 16/35 – 235 yards, 2 TDs

John Wolford, Arizona: 15/19 – 212 yards, 2 TDs and 1 rushing TD

Mike Bercovici, San Diego: 22/43 – 310 yards, 1 TD

Josh Woodrum, Salt Lake: 22/35 – 229 yards, 1 TD

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 19/23 – 217 yards, 1 TD


De’Veon Smith, Orlando: 3 rushing TDs and one 2 PT

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 81 all-purpose yards, 1 TD and two 2 PT

Arizona: 189 rushing yards led by Jhurell Pressley with 64


Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 12 receptions/146 yards

Reece Horn, Memphis: 7 receptions/113 yards and 1 TD

Nick Truesdell, Salt Lake: 4 receptions/74 yards

Amba Etta-Tawo, Birmingham: 3 receptions/71 yards

Evan Rodriguez, San Antonio: 3 receptions/71 yards

De’Mornay Pierson-El: Salt Lake: 5 receptions/68 yards

Rannell Hall, Orlando: 2 receptions/60 yards

Malachi Jones, Atlanta: 6 receptions/53 yards, 1 TD

Daniel Williams, Memphis: GW TD in OT and one 2 PT


Salt Lake Defense: 6 sacks

Shaquille Richardson, Arizona: 8 tackles and 1 INT

Steven Johnson, Arizona: 7 tackles and 1 INT

Beniquez Brown, Birmingham: 7 tackles

De’Marquis Gates, Memphis: 7 tackles

Louis Young, Atlanta: 7 tackles

Will Hill III, Orlando: 6 tackles and 1 sack

A.J. Tarpley, San Diego: 6 tackles

Terence Garvin, Orlando: 5 tackles and 1 sack


Taylor Bertolet, Salt Lake: 3 FGs

Nick Folk, Arizona: 2 FGs

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ALLIANCE 2 XFL: AAF League Leaders (after Week 4)

Here are your AAF league leaders after week 4.

Passing Yards:

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 1,071 yards

Luis Perez, Birmingham: 797 yards

John Wolford, Arizona: 780 yards

Passing TDs:

John Wolford, Arizona: 8

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 6

Rushing Yards:

Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego: 287 yards

Kenneth Farrow II, San Antonio: 280 yards

Jhurell Pressley, Arizona: 266 yards

Zac Stacy, Memphis: 232 yards

Rushing TDs:

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 7

Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego: 3

Joel Boaugnon, Salt Lake: 3

Receiving Yards:

Charles Johnson, Orlando: 410 Yards

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 295 yards

Mekale McKay, San Antonio: 226 yards

Quinton Patton, Birmingham: 226 yards

Receiving TDs:

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 5

Jalin Marshall, Orlando: 2

Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 2


Charles Johnson, Orlando: 23

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 19

De’Mornay Pierson-EL, Salt Lake: 15

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 15


Tyson Graham, Jr., Atlanta: 31

Beniquez Brown, Birmingham: 26

Erick Dargan, Arizona: 25


Karter Schult, Salt Lake: 4


Terence Garvin, Orlando: 3

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Top 5 Power Rankings – Alliance QBs

As a precursor to the AAF action this week, let’s take a look at the top five quarterbacks currently. This essentially is a four horse race but for the purpose of the post I dug deep to find that fifth individual.

1. Garrett Gilbert – 34/53 passing  64.2% completion percentage  4 TD  0 INT

Gilbert is getting another opportunity to show why he was a 5-star recruit coming out of high school. He has not disappointed in his first two games in the AAF.  Gilbert has shown flashes of NFL caliber arm strength on deep balls.  Helping Charles Johnson to average 5.6 receiving yards per route run. Gilbert has also done a nice job taking care of the football. While it is still early, the 4/0 TD/INT ratio is a great start. Gilbert will look to continue his success at home this week against the Memphis Express.

2.  John Wolford – 32/51 passing 62.7% completion percentage  6 TD   2 INT

Wolford opened the season with a stellar performance,  taking home player of the week honors.  His week two performance was not far off from week one but there were a couple of mistakes that caused him to fall in the power rankings. Memphis did a nice job taking away the Run-pass option game that Arizona has utilized this season, causing Wolford to make some throws from in the pocket.  While staying the pocket he failed to read some of Memphis’ coverage adjustments and threw two interceptions.  While Wolford was still able to lead a comeback and win, I am keeping him out of the top spot this week. Wolford takes the show on the road again this week, taking on Salt Lake in their home opener.

3.  Luis Perez – 43/71 passing 60.6% completion percentage  0 TD  0 INT

Luis Perez is arguably the top NFL caliber quarterback in the AAF.  The number one thing he needs from this league is reps. Not playing quarterback until after high school has set him back in that aspect. The arm strength is there, the poise seems to be there but there is something not fully clicking yet.  It may be the fact that his receivers have a habit of dropping footballs.  Perez has shown flashes of touch and strength on his throws, but  has yet to throw for a touchdown.  One of Luiz’s strengths has been taking care of the football.  I expect to see him rise in the rankings as the season goes on. Perez gets the chance to get off the touchdown goose egg this week against Atlanta.

4. Logan Woodside – 38/75 passing   50.7% completion percentage  1 TD  3 INT

Woodside has been slinging the football around so far this season.  The Commanders have a solid receiving core and have been making plays for their quarterback.  What is keeping Woodside at fourth in the power rankings is the fact that he gets careless with the football.  Woodside has one touchdown pass this season and three interceptions.  Having more interceptions than touchdowns has to change if San Antonio plans to reach their full potential.  Woodside gets a chance to help his team reach 2-1 at San Diego this week.

5. Matt Simms – 32/53 passing   60.4% completion percentage  1 TD  3 INT

Finding a fifth for this list was difficult. There simply hasn’t been a quarterback the fifth spot on this list.  So for this week I will throw Matt Simms in the fifth spot and see if that changes next week. Atlanta is struggling to put points on the board and some of that is on Simms shoulders.  He needs to take better care of the ball.  His completion percentage is solid but he simply isn’t capitalizing on his time with the football. Atlanta is at home this week with a chance to knock off an undefeated Birmingham team.

AAF Projected QB Starters Week 1

The season is just a few days away and the teams are practicing and game planning for their Week 1 games! Below is the projected starter at QB for each team;

Arizona Hotshots – John Wolford

Atlanta Legends – Matt Sims

Birmingham Iron – Luis Perez

Memphis Express – Christian Hackenberg

Orlando Apollos – Garrett Gilbert

Salt Lake Stallions – Josh Woodrum

San Antonio Commanders – Dustin Vaughan

San Diego Fleet – Mike Bercovici

The situations in both Atlanta and Memphis could be fluid as we could also see Aaron Murray take some snaps in Atlanta as well as Zach Mettenberger under center in Memphis. In addition, Trevor Knight may see some action for Arizona.