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Garrett Gilbert, Apollos QB

Garrett Gilbert led the charge in this week’s standout stars with 310 yards! Wideouts Charles Johnson and Rashad Ross continued their season-long dominance at the WR position. Trent Richardson had 83 rushing yards and another rushing TD!


Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 23/40 – 310 yards, 2 TDs, and one 2 PT

Brandon Silvers, Memphis: 30/49 – 269 yards 1 TD and two 2 PT

John Wolford, Arizona: 17/23 – 216 yards 1 TD and one 2 PT


Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 18 carries/83 yards and 1 TD

Tim Cook, Arizona: 2 rushing TDs

D’Ernest Johnson, Orlando: 62 rushing and receiving yards (6 receptions), 1 TD and one 2 PT


Charles Johnson, Orlando: 8 receptions/135 yards, 1 TD

Gerrard Sheppard, Memphis: 9 receptions/98 yards and one 2 PT

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 4 receptions/78 yards, 1 TD

Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 8 receptions/79 yards

Justin Thomas, Atlanta: 4 receptions/74 yards

Donteea Dye, Jr., Orlando: 1 reception/65 yards, 1 TD

Daniel Williams, Memphis: 5 receptions/64 yards

Richard Mullaney, Arizona: 5 receptions/60 yards

Dontez Byrd, Memphis: 5 receptions/52 yards, 1 TD and one 2 PT


Salt Lake Defense: 3 points allowed, 2 INTs and one forced fumble

Birmingham Defense: 4 sacks, 2 INTs, and one forced fumble

Arizona Defense: 4 sacks and 1 INT, 2 sacks by Rykeem Yates

Jeff Luc, Atlanta: 8 tackles

Travis Feeney, San Diego: 7 tackles

Henre Toliver, Salt Lake: 7 tackles

Greer Martini, Salt Lake: 7 tackles

Ed Reynolds, Jr., Atlanta: 6 tackles

Charles James II, Memphis: 6 tackles

DeMarquis Gates, Memphis: 6 tackles, one sack and one forced fumble


Younghoe Koo, Atlanta: 3 FGs

Nick Novak, Birmingham: 3 FGs

Austin MacGinnis, Memphis: 3 FGs

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Jayrone Elliott, San Antonio Commanders LB (courtesy of 210 Football)

There are new leaders in sacks and tackles for the Alliance. Check out the AAF league leaders after Week 8:

Passing Yards:

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 2,152 yards

John Wolford, Arizona: 1,616 yards

Luis Perez, Birmingham: 1,460 yards

Passing TDs:

John Wolford, Arizona: 14

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 13

Rushing Yards:

Jhurell Pressley, Arizona: 471 yards

D’Ernest Johnson, Orlando: 372 yards

Kenneth Farrow II, San Antonio: 372 yards

Rushing TDs:

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 11

De’Veon Smith, Orlando: 6

Joel Bouagnon, Salt Lake: 6

Receiving Yards:

Charles Johnson, Orlando: 687 yards

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 583 yards

Receiving TDs:

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 7

Charles Johnson, Orlando: 5


Charles Johnson, Orlando: 45 receptions

Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 38 receptions

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 36 receptions

De’Mornay Pierson-El, Salt Lake: 36 receptions


De’Marquis Gates, Memphis: 52

Beniquez Brown, Birmingham: 46

Erick Dargan, Arizona: 44


Jayrone Elliott, San Antonio: 7.5

Karter Schult, Salt Lake: 7

Damontre Moore, San Diego: 7


De’Vante Bausby, San Antonio: 4

Kameron Kelly, San Diego: 4

Ryan Moeller, San Diego: 4


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Memphis’ QB Brandon Silvers leads this week’s Standout Stars after an emotional OT win against the Iron. Arizona QB John Wolford only missed 4 attempts and had 3 total TDs in the win against the Fleet. Orlando’s De’Veon Smith leads the standout RBs after a 3-TD performance against the Legends. Trent Richardson just scores touchdowns, after nabbing his 10th rushing TD for the season leading the league. The Fleet’s Nelson Spruce led the WRs with 12 receptions and 146 yards in the loss against the Hotshots. Salt Lake’s defense had 6 sacks in the 19-15 loss against the Commanders. 


Brandon Silvers, Memphis: 24/35 – 266 yards, 2 TDs and two 2 PTs

Luis Perez, Birmingham: 16/35 – 235 yards, 2 TDs

John Wolford, Arizona: 15/19 – 212 yards, 2 TDs and 1 rushing TD

Mike Bercovici, San Diego: 22/43 – 310 yards, 1 TD

Josh Woodrum, Salt Lake: 22/35 – 229 yards, 1 TD

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 19/23 – 217 yards, 1 TD


De’Veon Smith, Orlando: 3 rushing TDs and one 2 PT

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 81 all-purpose yards, 1 TD and two 2 PT

Arizona: 189 rushing yards led by Jhurell Pressley with 64


Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 12 receptions/146 yards

Reece Horn, Memphis: 7 receptions/113 yards and 1 TD

Nick Truesdell, Salt Lake: 4 receptions/74 yards

Amba Etta-Tawo, Birmingham: 3 receptions/71 yards

Evan Rodriguez, San Antonio: 3 receptions/71 yards

De’Mornay Pierson-El: Salt Lake: 5 receptions/68 yards

Rannell Hall, Orlando: 2 receptions/60 yards

Malachi Jones, Atlanta: 6 receptions/53 yards, 1 TD

Daniel Williams, Memphis: GW TD in OT and one 2 PT


Salt Lake Defense: 6 sacks

Shaquille Richardson, Arizona: 8 tackles and 1 INT

Steven Johnson, Arizona: 7 tackles and 1 INT

Beniquez Brown, Birmingham: 7 tackles

De’Marquis Gates, Memphis: 7 tackles

Louis Young, Atlanta: 7 tackles

Will Hill III, Orlando: 6 tackles and 1 sack

A.J. Tarpley, San Diego: 6 tackles

Terence Garvin, Orlando: 5 tackles and 1 sack


Taylor Bertolet, Salt Lake: 3 FGs

Nick Folk, Arizona: 2 FGs

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ALLIANCE 2 XFL: AAF League Leaders (after Week 4)

Here are your AAF league leaders after week 4.

Passing Yards:

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 1,071 yards

Luis Perez, Birmingham: 797 yards

John Wolford, Arizona: 780 yards

Passing TDs:

John Wolford, Arizona: 8

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 6

Rushing Yards:

Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego: 287 yards

Kenneth Farrow II, San Antonio: 280 yards

Jhurell Pressley, Arizona: 266 yards

Zac Stacy, Memphis: 232 yards

Rushing TDs:

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 7

Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego: 3

Joel Boaugnon, Salt Lake: 3

Receiving Yards:

Charles Johnson, Orlando: 410 Yards

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 295 yards

Mekale McKay, San Antonio: 226 yards

Quinton Patton, Birmingham: 226 yards

Receiving TDs:

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 5

Jalin Marshall, Orlando: 2

Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 2


Charles Johnson, Orlando: 23

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 19

De’Mornay Pierson-EL, Salt Lake: 15

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 15


Tyson Graham, Jr., Atlanta: 31

Beniquez Brown, Birmingham: 26

Erick Dargan, Arizona: 25


Karter Schult, Salt Lake: 4


Terence Garvin, Orlando: 3

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ALLIANCE 2 XFL: Week 3 Standout Stars!!

Week 3 saw the Apollos climb to 3-0 as they held off the Express in Orlando. Zach Mettenberger led the Express comeback and looks primed to make his first start next week. The Iron continued their bruising defense forcing 4 turnovers in their win over Atlanta. Salt Lake garnered their first victory defeating the previously undefeated Hotshots. The Fleet closed out the weekend with a convincing victory over the Commanders behind a bruising rushing attack.


Matt Simms, Atlanta: 28/48 – 328 yards, 1 TD

Garrett Gilbert, Orlando: 14/28 – 207 yards, 1 TD and 7 carries/43 yards, 1 TD

Philip Nelson, San Diego: 17/25 – 193 yards, 2 TDs

Josh Woodrum, Salt Lake: 22/31 – 178 yds, 1 TD and one 2 PT

Zach Mettenberger, Memphis: 9/12 – 120 yards, 2 TDs and one 2 PT


Ja’Quan Gardner, San Diego: 12 carries/122 yards, 1 TD

Trent Richardson, Birmingham: 17 carries/46 yards, 3 TDs, 1 receiving 2PT

D’Ernest Johnson, Orlando: 13 carries/79 yards, 1 TD

Terrell Watson, San Diego: 13 carries/73 yards, two 2 PT

Sherman Badie, Memphis: 8 carries/59 yards

De’Veon Smith, Orlando: 8 carries/52 yards


Nelson Spruce, San Diego: 4 catches/50 yards, 2 TDs

Mekale McKay, San Antonio: 4 catches/91 yards, 1 TD

De’Mornay Pierson-El, Salt Lake: 8 catches /90 yards, 1 TD and one 2 PT

Rannell Hall, Orlando: 4 catches/68 yards, 1 TD

Rashad Ross, Arizona: 6 catches/51 Yards, 1 TD

Devin Lucien, Memphis: 3 catches/51 yards, 1 TD

Seantavius Jones: Atlanta: 4 catches/72 yards

Quinton Patton, Birmingham: 4 catches/58 yards


Birmingham Defense: 3 INTs ,1 Fumble recovery, and 3 sacks led by Beniquez Brown with 10 tackles

Tyson Graham, Jr., Atlanta: 10 tackles

Greer Martini, Salt Lake: 7 tackles, 1 INT

Joel Lanning, San Antonio: 6 tackles

Erick Dargan, Arizona: 6 tackles

Andrew Ankrah, Orlando: 5 tackles, 1 sack


Nick Folk, San Diego: 3 FGs

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